Musee De Guhaba Museum is a rich historical museum of Haiti that was founded by William H. Hodges. This Museum is the best place to seek information on the exclusive historical times of the country right from the indigenous Arawak Indian tribes and Taino tribes, to the French and Spanish colonization in Haiti. It is the historical portrait that reflects the independence struggle during 1804 and the periodic changes in culture and tradition till modern times.

Musee De Guahaba Museum is a small museum of Haiti which is inclined towards philanthropic assistance. It provides valuable details to the visitors about the influence of various communities on the natives of Haiti. This museum beautifully outlines the effects of imported slaves in Haiti and their life in the slavery period. It hosts the ancient paintings and the works of today’s famous as well as local artists.

This museum is beautifully located on the top of one of the larger Haitian hills, in the old mansion. It is situated in the premises of St. Pierre College, which is the best place to experience the modern Haitian culture and tradition.

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