The caves presented here are all three located in the country’s Southern peninsula, however 70% of Haiti’s territory is made up of karstic terrain that favors the formation of caves. Cavities are therefore found scattered throughout all departments, and a list of more than 150 known caves has been collected.

Just as they played an important role in the Taino culture, caves are an important element of Haitian culture and local populations are very much attached to them. A large number of these cavities are used for mystical gatherings.

These caves have been known locally for dozens of years, but very little systematic exploration has been done to itemize them and discover new ones. Since 2008 several teams of foreign speleologists have followed one another to study these caves and reveal to the general public this magnificent yet fragile heritage, unrecognized for the most part.
This website is stemming from a program of Conservation and Promotion of Haiti’s underground heritage, started in 2009.

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Ile-a-VacheÎle à Vache (French, also expressed Île-à-Vaches, former Spanish name Isla Vaca, both translated as Cow Island) is a small island of Haiti, lying off the south-west peninsula of Haiti near the town of Les Cayes. Administratively it is part of the Sud Department. It is about 8 miles (13 km) long, 2 miles (3.2 Read more

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